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Hear what others have to say about their experience with Dr. Kristen

Mackenzie G

(Pregnancy Function)

Dr. Kristen has helped me tremendously throughout my pregnancy. Her adjustments have not only helped me feel and function better, but helped the baby get into an ideal position. My toddler gets adjusted by her as well and she absolutely adores her! Thank you for taking great care of my family!

Paula K.

(Neck Pain)

Throughout my my life, I have seen different Chiropractors and physical therapists with little success. Dr Kristen healed my chronic neck problem. Where Dr. Kristen stands out is she is very thorough and thoughtful. Her diagnosis and the different techniques she uses are very impressive. You will not receive a standard adjustment each time you see her. I highly recommend her. She wants to help people feel and get better!!

John and Avery

(Infant Torticollis)

We started taking our daughter, Charlotte, to Dr. Kristen at 3 months old for torticollis. We were nervous about bringing her to a chiropractor, but

 Dr. Kristen did such a great job at making us feel comfortable. Charlotte was always calm during the adjustments and

Dr. Kristen was so gentle with her. Now it's our turn to be patients!

Ryan L.

(Sciatic Pain)

Dr. Kristen is one of the few chiropractors I've been to that actually seem to are about my overall health and how I'm progressing. As opposed to just adjusting me and getting it over with. She's also helped my sciatica pain reduce greatly. Followed her from the old practice she was at and I recommend everyone do the same.

Anne T.

(Low Back Pain)

I had never been to a chiropractor before, so didn't know what to expect. Dr. Kristen has been fabulous. I went in for some general aches and pains in my lower back, and hip area, and I feel so much better. Besides being a great doctor who will answer all of my crazy questions, she is just the nicest person. Feel like I'm going to visit a friend when I have an appointment!!

Jacob P.

(Sports Injury)

I started going to the chiropractor because of my football injuries. Dr. Kristen always helps me feel better. Plus, it's cool that she also loves sports so she likes to hear about how my games went.


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