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Sports Chiropractic in Lake Orion

Sports Chiropractic, Sports Chiropractor, Sports Injury
Sports Chiropractic, Sports Chiropractor, Sports Injury

Do you or your child have an injury that is preventing you from playing sports or working out? Dr. Kristen was, and continues to be, an avid athlete. She understands the emotional and physical benefits of sports and is passionate about returning a person to their sport as quickly as possible. 


Dr. Kristen utilizes shockwave therapy to help speed up the healing process of musculoskeletal injuries. Those being sprain, strain, tendinitis, scar tissue build up post-surgery, etc. She combines that with improving biomechanics, nervous system communication and joint motion to ensure optimal body function to avoid future injury. 

It's not just for adults...

Many times, kids don't feel the same level of pain or discomfort after sports that an adult does, leading many parents to believe their kids have not experienced any real injury to the body. However, sports almost always lead to some sort of trauma. That could be in the way of constant hits to the body during football, repetitive motions during tennis or golf, heading the ball in soccer, impact during gymnastics, diving for balls in volleyball, etc.  Those traumas, no matter how minor they may seem, will layer on top of each other and create larger problems in the future. It is often a big reason why sports get harder to handle the older we get. 

Make sure to get your young athletes adjusted to avoid those traumas from layering up in the body. Help them avoid injury and decrease their chances of pain and dysfunction in the future. Schedule your appointment today!

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